Our Philosophy


At Effortless Bookkeeping, we believe simplicity is integral for accuracy. It reduces complications, eliminates misunderstandings, and is more sustainable. When any task is reduced to its simplest form, you gain clarity.

With that in mind, we maintain a very small chart of accounts for each client; usually less than 25 accounts. When bookkeeping was done manually, a large chart of accounts was needed. With the current technology, this is no longer the case. Reports are now able to provide you with a higher level of detail. Our simple Chart of Accounts provides you with all of the information you will need, yet takes the “guesswork” out of which account to use.

We utilize only QuickBooks Online with all of our clients. This allows us to be very knowledgeable about the accounting software so we are better able to serve and advise you. We have created an easy to understand guide that walks you through any basic task you need to complete in QuickBooks Online. We also provide links that will create your basic reports. We would not be able to provide such detailed and thorough information if more accounting systems were used.

Our target market is small businesses with one to five employees or people with a side business. Through years of experience we have been able to determine what is most efficient for this market and what tools best support the work flow. Our system does not create busy work that doesn’t get done and leads to poor analysis. Effortless Bookkeeping clients are able to focus on their business, not the accounting.

We recognize that our philosophy will not work for all clients. There are some businesses that need a more involved and complicated accounting system. If you are one of those businesses, Effortless Bookkeeping is probably not a good fit for your needs. However, before you pass us by, give us an opportunity to meet with you. It is probable that we will be able to simplify your financial records and still provide you with the detail you need.